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February 13, 2011 by hallyd


Almost a month since my last blog post… a combination of factors have led to this but I am now back! With lots of ideas and blogs to come in the next couple of weeks.

After attending both LWF and BETT – the weeks leading up to now have been very busy both at work and personally – but I have had lots of fun and spent some great time with the family.  Sometimes life can be like that, it’s good to take a step back, recharge the batteries and look at new ideas – of which I have been doing lots of over the last month.

LWF was an amazing event, speaking on the round stage as part of the games based learning strand was at the same time a highlight and perhaps the most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done!

From Learning without Frontiers Flickr

From Learning without Frontiers Flickr

It also enabled me to meet up with lots of old friends and make some new ones as well as being inspired by the likes of Jimmy Wales, Stephen Heppell, Evan Roth, David Puttnam and Tim Rylands.  It was a lot to think about. All the videos of the talks can be found here

Bett was slightly different again the best bits of BETT were for me the networking around the show and at the Teach Mett on the Friday night it is truly inspirational being connected with such amazing people.

I have also failed miserably at my 365 project – however I did re -start it on the 4oth day as seeing as this is my 40th year – thought that would be ok.  So not failing just not completing the whole project. Failing did not put me off it has just made me more determined to do a photo a day for the rest of the year!

So what is coming up – lots!!! There has been lots of talk recently about both the purpose of education and what should be taught in schools – on Thursday night there was a great debate on twitter as part of #ukedchat on the purpose of education hosted by Doug Belshaw and one of the guys behind purpos/ed.  If you have not already looked at this – you should! There have already been some great posts in 500 words on the purpose of education.

Along with this is the National Curriculum Review – Graham Brown Martin is hosting an event in London on 3rd March debating ‘What should be taught in schools’  this looks like it should be an interesting night with speakers Toby Young, Katherine Birbalsingh, Donald Clark, Dr Ralph Townsend, Tristram Shepard and me.  There are also events planned in Chesterfield and Newcastle. More information can be found on the wiki, with the hashtag for the event #ncr11.

Interesting times lie ahead – will you be part of the conversation?

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