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Terrible Tudors


March 9, 2013 by hallyd

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It’s now my second year in Year 5 and I have to say one of my favourite topics has been the Tudors.  This year we have added to it making use of ICT.

One of the ways we did this was using weebly this is a free service whereby teachers can sign up to 40 students for free.  The children are then able to create their own websites of up to 5 pages, learning key skills of presenting, research, combining information and sharing this.  The children in pairs all picked their own part of Tudor life that they wanted to research – ranging from fashion to the wives.  We found it was a great way for the to present their research in stead of doing it via a powerpoint.  The idea came from the Switched on ICT unit 6.5 we are web designers – we did tweak the plans to suit our children.  You can see examples of their work here

Another resource that we use is Purple Mash – with this we created Tudor houses using 2 design and make – the children first looked at some example of Tudor houses then created the nets – these were then printed and then cut out and put together to create a Tudor village display.  We also used 2DIY 3D to create games- the children really enjoyed this activity looking at what made a good game and how they could make them more challenging and appealing to play – examples of these can be found here.  Purple mash also has some great Tudor activities these include creating a Tudor menu, creating a magazine front cover and using the mash cam to become Henry VIII.


BBC Learning clips  has always been a favourite little resource and it has some great clips for use with the Tudors – my favourites are those from schools radio including this one about Tudor rich and poor great for developing listening skills.

Once again our corridor has been converted into a Tudor museum – we are using Night at the Museum on the Wii within Literacy – we have tweaked the plans slightly this year but you can get the general idea from the post I wrote last year.

We have also visited the Golden Hinde, created new gardens for Henry VIII at Hampton Court in maths using our area and perimeter knowledge and will be making pottage. As well as looking at Romeo and Juliet, filming news reports live from the streets of Verona and learning Tudor dance.

The Tudors aren’t so terrible after all!


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  1. Kevin McLaughlin says:

    As ever Dawn your posts go some way to demonstrate just how creative a teacher you can be with or without technology, although I do love the use of weebly for student work. The Tudors has been a favourite of mine too and the next chance I get to delve into their world I’ll pick up on your tips.
    Please tell your class I have found their websites very informative and I have bookmarked them for use in school :-)

  2. hallyd says:

    many thanks Kevin

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