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January 16, 2010 by hallyd

What I did at BETT ūüôā

There were several things that I wanted to do/see this year and although I went with a list – was also looking for inspiration -so what did I find?

Inspiration – yes but not from the large stands – nothing really ‘grabbed’ my eye this year -and talking to my Twitter network this seemed to be true for a lot. Yes there were some things that stood out – 3D technology was featured on lots of stands and stood out – however with limited budgets and value for money – it seemed like more of a visual experience than a viable classroom one.

Instead I found Inspiration from the Teachmeet takeover – where teachers ‘took over’ stands and spoke aboutDSC01948¬†their experiences of using free tools in their classrooms. The first one I saw was from Lisa Stevens¬†– @lisibo, who spoke about free tools to use in teaching MFL. She mentioned Voki, a tool I had seen before but have not explored fully – yet! However, after listening to her and seeing how it could be used and also how easy it was to use it will be something I will be looking to use more over the coming year.

On my list was to find out more about the home access programme, I got lots of information, however left feeling slightly frustrated that a scheme to get children online and enabling them to become active learners seems to be a complex process. However, I will be investigating this further over the next two weeks -so will find out if it is actually as frustrating as it sounded. Next up was training both for staff and parents. Naace have launched a new website, offering ICT teachers FREE on-line CPD opportunities Рthese materials are available on . The training modules cover a range of topics including: assessment of ICT in Primary, ICT knowledge within the QCA Primary Framework and exploring digital resources. I think this is a great idea and credits can go towards the Naace online ICT Diploma РI am going to be completing these myself with a view to introducing them to other staff in school Рa great idea and resource that is also free!

I did buy some stuff too! Resources for both my subject areas ICT and humanities Рsome new digital cameras for year groups, online resources and the latest addition to the 2Simple line Р2create a superstory. I had been reading about this over the last couple of weeks  on the 2blog and had been really excited about what I had seen created by 2simple and their guest reviewers.  I am looking forward to putting into the hands of the children next week.

Another highlight for me Рwas meeting Moby DSC01952РI think the picture says it all.  I was on the Brain Pop as a VIB Рa Very Important Brainpopper! We use Brain Pop at school and in my class Tim and Moby are like another two pupils, I even went to the stand with a list of questions that my children wanted to ask! It was a great experience to meet other teachers and talk about a tool I use in my classroom, as well as witnessing Tom Barrett taking over the stand and talking about voicethread. Tom is a genuinely great bloke whose passion for education and using ICT to enhance the learning experience for his children is a constant source of inspiration for me and I know lots of others, as well as coming up with the idea of TM takeover and organising Teachmeet!

The most surreal moment was discussing a piece of software with representatives from the Sao Paulo education department! This came about from a piece of software called Race to Learn from Cambridge University press.  My class and I last year were involved in trialling this software and it was a great experience for us all. We are currently using it again across year 6 as part of our Cars and Karting РForces and Friction topic and the children are really engaging with it again. Congratulations to all involved with the software as it also picked up a BETT award this year for Primary digital content.

However, as with most things in life had saved the best thing about BETT till last and that was Teachmeet Bett 2010 – it truly was an unforgettable evening and there is blog post to come!

So that was my day – how was yours??


  1. Interesting post Dawn. I do agree with you on the lack of stimulation at BETT. I posted similar comments on my blog.

    Obviously TeachMeet Takeover was a highlight but I saw a great weather broadcasting program from Kudlian that is cheap as chips. I was also interested in VitalCPD and how that will all pan out.

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  3. Anthony White says:

    Have to agree Dawn. Thought the Teachmeet Takeovers elevated BETT above what seemed little more than companies providing expensive programmes when free ones are available. I know that’s a bit of a generalisation and I did come away with the ‘Race to Learn’ software as well as 2Simple’s Superstory. But most of all I’m determined to use Voicethread!

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