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Adventures with Bowser


February 3, 2010 by hallyd

Narrative writing this week in Year 6 – a big thank you to @primarypete_ for the ideas and inspiration for my planning this week.  He presented a video at Teachmmet #etru on Wii love learning.

“Wii Love Learning” Mario Kart from Peter Richardson on Vimeo.

His prezi was brilliant on how he has used Mario Kart Wii with his Year 4 class. The one idea that really struck me was using Bowser’s castle for the setting for narrative writing. Pete used it for stories set in imaginary worlds, in year 6 using the new framework,  the ideas are that children should write a short story based on a genre, and quest/adventure stories,

So what have we been doing?

We started with some music! I found a clip on You tube of the music of a lap in Bowser’s castle.  I played it to the children twice and asked them to listen to the music and imagine what was happening? What genre did they think the music applied to – how could you tell?  How did the music make you feel? I then took ideas from the children, all of them said they thought it was an adventure story – possibly mythical – with images of knights riding on horses!

I asked if any had heard the music before – they all said they hadn’t! It is strange when you take music out of the context that the children are used to – although when I asked them to think really hard if they had heard any music like it recently – one child did put his hand up to say- “is is something to do with Bowser’s castle Miss as when I heard it I had a picture in my mind of racing through it! Spot on!

I then showed the children the image here,Bowser__s_Castle_by_priteeboyand used Pete’s excellent ideas of the children building up a bank of descriptive writing to use throughout this week.  We are also going to ‘wordle’ these as the warm up for our ICT lesson tomorrow.

We then looked at the ‘structure’ of a story and asked the children where we would be in the picture? I asked them to place themselves in the picture and think about what was happening to them – where would they fit into the story ‘jigsaw’.

The children had some great ideas – they were approaching the castle – looking for treasure/the ‘golden wheel’ (build up), they were at the door but could not get in/had dropped their map/key into the boiling hot lava(dilemma). We then construced a basic flow chart plan of the story and the children – in writing partners set about writing the start of their story.

I found the writing partners to be very effective this week, as the children shared ideas/vocabulary and punctuation with each other. Each day this week we have spent a short time (15-20 minutes) writing the next ‘bit’ of our story. So far we are up to the events following the dilemma.  However, what has surrounded this short focused writing, has also been lots of speaking and sharing and listening and learning.

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