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Cars and Karting – the first half


February 21, 2010 by hallyd

So half term comes around and we are at the midway point of our topic – Cars and Karting,  forces and friction. The main thrust of this topic has been using the software Race to Learn and also Mario Kart.  When planning, we tried to include a  cross-curricular approach that has so far included: Literacy, Science, Geography, ICT, DT, Art, Music, P4C and maths.

Here is an overview of what we have done so far:

Literacy: Persuasive writing – adverts for Mario Kart- radio and paper, advert for racing driver, Formal writing – invitation for launch of F1 team, interview questions, formal letter of acceptance, Descriptive writing – an adventure with Bowser.

Science: Air resistance, friction, healthy eating

Geography: Circuits around the world

ICT: publishing software, research, Google Sketchup to create ultimate ‘pad’ for racing driver, pages for vle, easi-speak microphones for adverts.

DT: cupcakes for launch party and moveable vehicles

Art: Logo design and car paintwork

Music: advert for Mariokart

P4C: Picture of car and podium finishing as a stimulus for  discussion

Maths: averages, speed/distance

Perhaps most importantly has been the team work, co-operation and collaboration along side the speaking and listening that has taken place with every task.

I have really enjoyed the first half and at parents evening it was very positive to hear so many of the parents talk about the topic and the fact that it had really sparked their child’s enthusiasm for learning. Yes the majority of these were boys, but girls are also enjoying the topic – with one declaring that  she would like to work as an engineer for an F1 team. Where it is helping, in particular is engaging those boys with subjects that they are not always naturally engaged with.

It has also been great for self-esteem, as those children who do not excel at ‘traditional’ subjects have come more to the fore within their groups –  mainly within the DT and the racing element of using Mario Kart, which in turn has given them more confidence to give their views and opinions in all elements of the topic.

Below is a selection of work from the first half – tomorrow we begin work on the second half – am looking forward to it.


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